Saturday, November 04, 2006


U are damn hungry, u plan to go to the mess. U just got out of the room and the first question u hear is " hey how many short lists". On reaching mess u stand in the queue and again the same question. On reaching the situation gets worse

Situation 1

batch mate (BM) :"the short lists for xyz company is out"
me : " oh kewl"
BM : " did u get it?"
me : " did u check the list ?"
BM : "ya i did"
me : " is my name there? "
BM : "no, i dont think so"
me : " and still u dont know if i got through or not? "

Situation 2

BM : " the short list for xyz company is out "
me : " i did not apply to that company"
BM : " oh which all companies did you apply to? "
me : "companies which I like"
BM : "u know i have been very selective too while applying"
me : "good many did u apply to?"
BM : " 27 "

there were 30 companies over all.....i am dumb stuck at his selectivity

Situation 3

BM : " the short list of xyz company is out "
me : " i did not apply to fin companies"
BM : " oh..then u are a marketing guy "

are there only finance and marketing in this world?

Situation 4

BM : " the short list of xyz company is out"
me : "i did not apply to that company"
BM : " which other companies did u apply to? "
me : " some IT and mark companies"
BM : " IT? are u crazy? "

i have a in comp science and i also had decent amount of fun in my prev job so probably u can call me crazy

Situation 5

for a change people at the table were ACTUALLY eating rather than discussing SIP..

me : " hey there's a huge group near the notice board seems like a new list has come"
BM : " ya i know..its for xyz company"
me : " ne idea who all got through?"
BM : " I did not get through yar..I thought i would open a account with this company"
me : " oh..i too am waiting for some one to pick me up"
BM : " U did not get through ne company till now? "
me : " naa..we are in the same boat :) "
BM : "hey i got through 3 marketing companies already..i am yet to get a short list from fin company"



Blogger Selva said...

good one..dude, i would be a regular visitor!!

9:14 PM  
Blogger Kishore said...

orey, its been only a few companies on our campus as of now. But still i can relate to this :( But this post prepared me mentally for tougher things :)

9:08 AM  

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