Friday, March 16, 2007

Chicken and me

Life is full of ambiguity. There would be times in life when one would have to select between two which you would love to do, the other you must do. Today I was in a similar situation. I had to give a test at 8 PM and at the exact same time there was tandoori chicken for dinner. Yes ppl u heard me right TANDOORI CHICKEN in mess. Just imagine the scene are the first guy to the mess and you get a chance to select all the best pieces and feast ...yummmyyyyyy...but alas I had to go for this exam. alas I had to contain my temptation for a damn exam. My brain though was not agreeing to give up easily and so i had to convince it by promising that I would be one of the first guys to come to the mess from the exam hall. Probably the temptation of the chicken helped me today as my brain completely cooperated and I performed satisfactorily in the test. As the clock stuck 9 I could smell the spicy chicken.

I was helping myself to another serving, when I heard some one ask "Dude...arnt u a brahmin? how come you eat chicken?" I wanted to reply to the question but my brain being in the best of spirits, efficiently decided to ignore the question and concentrate on the most important job on hand ie to put chicken and more chicken into my mouth. Now that I am done with the job, I have decided to answer that question. I eat chicken because.....its there to be eaten. If not me then some other lucky soul. I am being targeted by the chicken industry as I fall in their target segment and they are doing a impressive job in marketing. My poor and innocent soul has given in to their marketing strategy/technique. I know all this sounds crap but who wants a reason to eat?
Any ways asking a Hyderabadi why he eats chicken is like asking a Briton why he speaks English or asking Salman why he removes his shirt. So I end the post by dedicating this to the first ever hen/cock which was ever cooked by a human being as that gave humans a reason to live. May God bless its soul and may it be reborn as a hen/cock again so that it can be eaten again. Amen

Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Random musings....this post is a set of random musings I had in the last 2 days

Ppl wanted to see the movie Nishabd...its a story of a young girl falling( i prefer the word falling over ne other because it gives me some sense of satisfaction as I have not yet "fallen" ) for a old man. Here I am, along with millions of single guys and ppl want me to watch a movie abt a girl's crush for a old man? I protest.....

Gandhigiri at its best......this is the season for surveys. We have a course which involves conducting a survey and coming up with some conclusions from that so i am bombarded with requests to fill them up. The requests come in different mails, as orkut msgs, as status msgs, as offliners, as requests to fill my survey if i fill theirs....but the best of all was Selva. He came to my room when i was watching a movie. He handed me a survey and "requested in a threatening manner" to fill the form and when I refused all he did was take out a weird looking whistle and started blowing it. He said he would stop only when I finish the survey. Way to go macha.....

Intellectual talk.......I always thought I hold the proprietary rights for crap talk but today I was proved wrong. We ( me and a couple of frnds) went out to CCD. It went on fine as I was holding my ground and coming up with the usual nonsense I am famous for. For a change I got bored with my own act and I gave up but ppl were desp to listen to some PJ's and there were requests for PJ's. As I already gave up, I could not contribute much. Suddenly A comes up with one of the most startling fact I have heard for ages and it goes like this
" Hey do u know a wierd fact ? When dogs sit in moving cars, they usually enjoy putting their head out of the window that means they like wind blowing on their faces. But when u actually blow wind on their face they get irritated"
there was 2 sec silence........I wanted to give a "nice" reply when S came up with a better response
" U should probably try blowing air from the back...probably they would like that"
Seriously these guys deserve to get a PhD on dog behavior. I have few questions for them though
Did A really try blowing air on a dogs face?
Will A now try out what S suggested?
Did S ever try out what she suggested?
If no..will she try out?

people please fill up this survey :)

Back in campus I called up Ricky and started abusing him for answering the phone after so many rings and the person on the other side said " Son...ricky is sleeping"