Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Random musings....this post is a set of random musings I had in the last 2 days

Ppl wanted to see the movie Nishabd...its a story of a young girl falling( i prefer the word falling over ne other because it gives me some sense of satisfaction as I have not yet "fallen" ) for a old man. Here I am, along with millions of single guys and ppl want me to watch a movie abt a girl's crush for a old man? I protest.....

Gandhigiri at its best......this is the season for surveys. We have a course which involves conducting a survey and coming up with some conclusions from that so i am bombarded with requests to fill them up. The requests come in different ways....in mails, as orkut msgs, as status msgs, as offliners, as requests to fill my survey if i fill theirs....but the best of all was Selva. He came to my room when i was watching a movie. He handed me a survey and "requested in a threatening manner" to fill the form and when I refused all he did was take out a weird looking whistle and started blowing it. He said he would stop only when I finish the survey. Way to go macha.....

Intellectual talk.......I always thought I hold the proprietary rights for crap talk but today I was proved wrong. We ( me and a couple of frnds) went out to CCD. It went on fine as I was holding my ground and coming up with the usual nonsense I am famous for. For a change I got bored with my own act and I gave up but ppl were desp to listen to some PJ's and there were requests for PJ's. As I already gave up, I could not contribute much. Suddenly A comes up with one of the most startling fact I have heard for ages and it goes like this
" Hey do u know a wierd fact ? When dogs sit in moving cars, they usually enjoy putting their head out of the window that means they like wind blowing on their faces. But when u actually blow wind on their face they get irritated"
there was 2 sec silence........I wanted to give a "nice" reply when S came up with a better response
" U should probably try blowing air from the back...probably they would like that"
Seriously these guys deserve to get a PhD on dog behavior. I have few questions for them though
Did A really try blowing air on a dogs face?
Will A now try out what S suggested?
Did S ever try out what she suggested?
If no..will she try out?

people please fill up this survey :)

Back in campus I called up Ricky and started abusing him for answering the phone after so many rings and the person on the other side said " Son...ricky is sleeping"


Blogger aditi said...

hey!!!now thats a wonderfully insightful thought!!that A must be a genius!!

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