Thursday, April 26, 2007

summer heat

The summers have started and so has the excitement about the internship.....went to mumbai only to be told that the project would be in Hyderabad. Had some nice time at Mumbai though.

I went to this dumb movie " Namaste London" with one of my frnds. He said he read the review and the movie was supposed to be good. On entering the theater this is the conversation we had

He: The review says its good why are you so against this movie. I am sure the movie would be good
Me: I dont know. Look the whole theater is empty. I am sure the movie is bad
He : The review also said Kareena Kapoor acted well in this movie.

300 bucks down the drain. Kareena did not act in this movie. 2.30 hrs of my life wasted.

On my way back to hyderabad I had my ticket booked in Kingfisher. I always enjoy sitting at the window seat be it a auto or a plane. But sadly I never got a window seat in a plane and everytime I book a ticket I always wish I get one. This time too I was praying for a window seat and I DID GET ONE. I was wondering how I could be so lucky. But after the flight took off I realized that I was not that lucky. i was ready to exchange my window seat with any of the aisle ones. One must be wondering if I got bored looking out. It was not the case but there were better prospects inside. There was a air hostess who was new to the business and she could not walk with out tripping and the guys seated in the aisle seats were all waiting for the plane to jerk. grrrr

The very next day my internship started. I waited till afternoon and I did not get any work nor a place to sit. I was so bored waiting there that I decided to go to a movie. Luckily the movie "In pursuit of Happiness" was to start at 3 and I could make it to the movie in time. The movie was about a guy who has no money but takes up a internship where he works his ass off and still gets no monetary benefits. There I was starting a internship which has no work but pays....watching a movie about a guy who does just the opposite. The movie was a bit touchy...but the guy sitting next to me was crying. Now I wanted to see the movie but I could not help keep looking over my shoulder a couple of times. I wish there was this crying competition. ie the contestants are made to watch a movie and the person who cries the most wins. I am sure there would be a tough competition between this guy and a friend of mine who cries for the so called emotional stuff in movies.

A couple of days later I came across a old lady who looked quite familiar. I was wondering where I saw her and then I recollect that she was my Hindi teacher. The same person who used to say my writing was like "kede makode break dance". the same person who was expecting a very high score from me because my brother topped the school. I had my own achievement. I brought down the class average for hindi by heaps and bounds. I was always bad in learning languages. I never scored well in languages but just because my bro topped the school, people expected I would also if not top atleast get a decent score. I was tense before hindi board exam and dad told me that its just a exam and that even if I get 50 in hindi he would be happy. This really helped me a lot and i went to the exam in a positive mood. I thought I wrote the exam well but when the result came dad didnt know what to say. but he decided that he would never again give me targets . Reason.......I got 50 in the board exam.