Wednesday, May 18, 2005

My first ever poem

today i found this sheet of paper and it was a poem i wrote on my Maths Prof. i could'nt help but upload that. its pretty childish but.....but i like it afterall its my FIRST poem

Maths is taught to us by Kaul
who is a old owl

He has a bald head
which shines like a diamond stud
under which is fertile mud

Those who say he is clever
have a good sense of humor

He teaches caliculus
Indeed he teaches very less

When he was teaching differentation
I slept with concentration

when he was teachind integration
i thought he had mental retardation

when he ruins students grades
i feel like shaving his remaining hair with a good blade

I heard he was a prof at IIT
what a pity
he came to IIIT

I hate kaul
the old owl.

a loosers life

this piece i wrote after reading a rather dull senti crap which was to preach a set of values

thanks meera for the wonderful mail
the forwarding machine is set on sail

started my day with a mesg from you
hoping every word of it comes true

but life is such a sucking game
most of my dreams remain the same

people say dreams are meant to come true
but for me the count is very few

the more i think...more i realise
life is short so live wise

no more hopes and aspirations i would entertain
..............i know all this sounds insane

so here i am ending the daywith a poem
that sounds more like a nursery play.

well......i am not that dejected

Tuesday, May 10, 2005


i reached home pretty early but was very exhausted today. so i thought i would watch tv for some time before snoozing off. and here i am still awake and in no mood to sleep. i was watching the movie fiza. its quiet a decent movie. i never thought karishma kapoor would act so well. ne ways there was this scene in the movie where karishma finds out that her bro is near the border and she wants to go there.

KK(karishma kapoor) "i want to go to border to meet my bro"
BF(her boy friend) "its very dangerous for a woman to go there"
KK "its nothing abt male or female......this is about my bro"
BF "i will also come with u then"
KK " no thats not necessary"
BF "it is.....i can do any thing for u"
KK "then take care of my mother"

thats it....i was watching that serious scene and suddenly i could not stop my self frm laughing. that poor guy was trying to impress her and spend some time with her and there she is giving him responsibilities even before marriage. this made me think.....are all women like this? i dont know the answer yet.

Friday, May 06, 2005

my first blog

its been long since i decided to start blogging. but atlast i found the time and will to do that. as the title suggests 18 till i die thats how i would like to be and thats how i am. but here comes another week end and i am spending my time with my computer. well atleast i started something new. i hope this would be exciting.