Thursday, September 15, 2005

Truth of a Kiss

I came across this lovely signature today.

Kiss a fool
Let a Fool Kiss u
But never let a kiss fool u.

the truth of Kiss.... atlast exposed ;)

Freshers life in a software comp

Hey ppl ( i know .....the only one who reads my blogs is ME but still ) hey ppl here comes another master piece ;)) man...i have so much time to kill in office tat i decided to write a short poem( i like calling them poems though they are closer to rhymes ) abt my life in office....
Not long back i was in college
One experience i would like to have irrespective of my age

wonder i what heaven was like
once in college, got the answers right
right now me in a company called verizon
kick starting a career hoping to reach new horizons

fully trained in .Net
undethered i was, all set
luck was with me asusual
leaked the news that i had to work on cobol

time went past with my training
i spent most of the time reading
much to my surprise i was enjoying
every moment i spent in office cabin

people thought i had nothing to do
all i can say is nothing they knew
stuck with work some day i fear
sure i'll pray that the day is not near.
seriously...... I DONT WANT TO WORK ;((
well the best part of the poem is u can make a sentence using the first letters of each line ( the ones given in bold) and it comes to be "NO WORK FULL TIME PASS"