Friday, July 21, 2006

village trip

last week end we( me and 6 others ) went to a village got a topic to write some crap on..

me and some more
went to places never thought of before

on a trip organised by tagor society
to villages full of poverty

it was a eye opener for sure
but the experience was rich and pure

the trip was informative and fun
as i made friends on the run

we were put up in a place with no power
it did not stop us frm having fun however

got to meet a dayin there
pics of her would make neone scare

there was a politician among us
who was good at distributing sweets and stuff to others

and finally the dumbsharads king
teasing him was pretty entertaining

and to top it all we went to dimna lake
wow it was such a wonderful break

....i know i rock ;)