Saturday, November 11, 2006

The Interview(s)

The last few days have been pretty hectic and draining but I received support from all quarters. Seniors, batch mates, friends and luckily my brain( if u have read my previous posts u could have realized that I don’t claim ownership of my brain and it takes lot of hard work from my side to get it work in sync with the rest of my body ). There were people who got up at the same time or probably earlier than me and where there at the "well" helping /consoling /supporting /motivating /explaining /serving
* and what not. Thanks a lot guys.

*effect of SIP. Got used to using adjectives.

This blog was not actually meant for senti stuff so here comes the real crap.

I was part of an interview that I am really proud of. It was one of the last interviews of the day. Before that companies interview, I attended 3 group discussions and 3 interviews and could not get past the first round of the elimination. I was trying to relate my self to the hero of the 80's Hindi movies where the hero was unemployed and was always on a look out for a job. 5 mins into my thoughts and I heard my name being called out. It was for the interview for this XYZ company. I was totally exhausted but my brain was still stuck with the hero thoughts. I was not keen on working for that particular company but I had to attend the interview as I applied for it( one might ask why I had applied when I was not interested to work for that company....well as I said earlier I dont claim ownership of my plz no questions). I reached the room where the interview was supposed to take place and asked one of my friends (he was doing some volunteer work there) what was the job profile the company was offering. He had no clue but he said the interviewer was pretty chill guy and all the questions were HR based. I enter the room with out any idea about the company or the job profile. There was only one guy in the room and he was totally relaxed and laid back. This is how the interview went

Interviewer: So pramod why XYZ company
ME: (thanks to my wonderful brain I answered) Sir U are asking as if XYZ is not a good company to work in!!!!
Interviewer: WHAT? Who says is a market leader. Its revenues are so and so ..(I was told about all the good things of the company)
ME: that’s why XYZ sir. There are very few brands one would like to be associated with and XYZ is one such brand.
Interviewer: ok, so tell me about yourself
ME: gave him the usual answer that I have been telling from morning
Interviewer suddenly gets a call and starts talking in his phone
I interrupt him here and ask him if I can drink some water. He also offered me some chocolates and I took one mint.
interviewer : so were where we?...ya tell me something which is not in the resume
ME: I play tennis. Not because I like tennis but because I can burn calories. Its not just burning calories but it’s having fun when burning calories. I prefer tennis over cricket because in cricket I have to wait for the ball and in tennis I keep running for the ball
Interviewer: why not squash? Why only tennis?
Me: because squash rackets are very costly
Interviewer: hmm...ok..Are u willing to come in night shifts?
ME: Sir, there is lot of academic rigor at XL and if I come in night shifts for 2 months, it would be difficult for me to adjust back again. So...

At the end of the day it was 3 group discussions and 4 interviews that I unsuccessfully attended

Friday, November 10, 2006

wacky answers

I have a history of some wacky stupid answers. It all started in a english exam way back in school where I was supposed to make a sentence using the word "Proreption" the sentence I wrote was " I do not know the meaning of the word Proreption". Inspite of my creativity I was not only given zero but was also asked to write 50 different sentences using the word Proreption. I know...its a mean world.

The ones I cherish the most are in interviews specially job interviews during my under graduation. In Oracle interview I was asked the routine question of "where do u see yourself 5 years from now" I replied " Happily married and having a kid and also a car". Obviously I was not keen in getting through Oracle. I told dad about this interview and he took a 30 mins session on how to be professional in interviews and stuff like that. So I thought I would be professional in the next interview which sadly was Satyam. There, the first question I was asked was "why satyam" in a highly professional way I answered " Satyam stands for truth and I am honored to work in a company which stands for truth". Later I was asked what is the difference between a computer and a caliculator and I replied " A computer computes and a caliculator caliculates" now some one tell me whats wrong in this? thats what they do right. but the fact that I got selected in Satyam shows how desp IT firms have become. Next in line was Vz. I was asked to sell a pen. I sold it by first praising the beauty of the interviewer and then comparing the pen to her beauty. IT WORKED BIG TIME. There were no more questions after that and I was selected.

For the past few days I was involved in SIP and I was scared. I was scared that I would use my brain and come up with some high funde stuff in the interviews. luckily I was normal in all of them except for the last interview of the day. It started with me taking the wrong CV to the interview. I was asked to say something about myself which was not in the CV and suddenly something took over me. I came up with something like this " I started playing tennis. Not because I like tennis but because I can burn calories. Its not just burning calories but its having fun when burning calories. I prefer tennis over cricket because in cricket I have to wait for the ball and in tennis I keep running for the ball." I did not expect the interviewer to listen to all this but that guy was not only listning with concentration but at the end of my marathon of stupidness he asked me a question " why not squash? why only tennis? " i dont know how to rate this question but I replied "because squash rackets are very costly" I dont think I need to tell about the result now.

to be continued with the most wakiest interview I could ever be part of....

Saturday, November 04, 2006


U are damn hungry, u plan to go to the mess. U just got out of the room and the first question u hear is " hey how many short lists". On reaching mess u stand in the queue and again the same question. On reaching the situation gets worse

Situation 1

batch mate (BM) :"the short lists for xyz company is out"
me : " oh kewl"
BM : " did u get it?"
me : " did u check the list ?"
BM : "ya i did"
me : " is my name there? "
BM : "no, i dont think so"
me : " and still u dont know if i got through or not? "

Situation 2

BM : " the short list for xyz company is out "
me : " i did not apply to that company"
BM : " oh which all companies did you apply to? "
me : "companies which I like"
BM : "u know i have been very selective too while applying"
me : "good many did u apply to?"
BM : " 27 "

there were 30 companies over all.....i am dumb stuck at his selectivity

Situation 3

BM : " the short list of xyz company is out "
me : " i did not apply to fin companies"
BM : " oh..then u are a marketing guy "

are there only finance and marketing in this world?

Situation 4

BM : " the short list of xyz company is out"
me : "i did not apply to that company"
BM : " which other companies did u apply to? "
me : " some IT and mark companies"
BM : " IT? are u crazy? "

i have a in comp science and i also had decent amount of fun in my prev job so probably u can call me crazy

Situation 5

for a change people at the table were ACTUALLY eating rather than discussing SIP..

me : " hey there's a huge group near the notice board seems like a new list has come"
BM : " ya i know..its for xyz company"
me : " ne idea who all got through?"
BM : " I did not get through yar..I thought i would open a account with this company"
me : " oh..i too am waiting for some one to pick me up"
BM : " U did not get through ne company till now? "
me : " naa..we are in the same boat :) "
BM : "hey i got through 3 marketing companies already..i am yet to get a short list from fin company"