Sunday, December 03, 2006

The Southern Connection

XL has a good number of south indians. but a interesting fact is most of them know more than one south indian is the reason why

Reddy is gult but stays in banglore so he knows telugu and kanada
Sandy is a mallu staying in chennai so he knows malyalam and tamil
smitha is a gult staying in banglore so she knows kanada for sure but she also claims that she knows a bit of telugu
bappi is from banglore and most of his neighbors were gult so he knows kanada and a bit of telugu
Sharon is a mallu staying in Hyd so he knows malyalam and telugu. same with thomas
Sri Ram is a tamilian who stays in Vizag so he knows tamil and telugu
Aditya is a tamilian staying in hyderabad and he is comfortable with tam and telugu
Medha is a kanadigan staying in hyd so kanada and telugu for her
I am from hyd but was in chennai for the last 2 years and i had to learn the basics of tamil there.
best of all is sagar..he is a tamilian with mallu roots but stays in banglore so he knows tamil, malyalam and kanada and now as his girl friend is gult he is learning(rather forced into learning) sum it up this is what he says "i'm a tam with mallu nativity, kandu childhood and gult adulthood " just imagine how complex our communication language could be...