Monday, July 30, 2007

SIVAJI...the boss and a Perfect date

Well...I read atleast 20 posts on this topic. But this post is definetly not going to be another of the reviews so read on. Yesterday night I had a "discussion" with some of my friends on a really hypothetical topic....perfect date. Yup I was part of a group which was discussing this and ya i came out alive so all the female readers see, I too can sometimes talk and listen to stuff like that.
Each of my friends had a plan in mind for a perfect date and this put me into thinking. I never really gave a serious thought about this but as I just had the discussion after seeing the movie Sivaji I was stuck with a super idea ( actually any idea I get is super.....but sometimes I over shoot my own expectations) How about taking the girl to a Rajikanth movie ( Rajini fans no offense on whats gona follow.....I do respect the old man ) specially if its a movie like Sivaji much better. Lets do some analysis on why this is a super idea.

Girls point of view
She cant look at Rajini for long nor the other side kick actors and she is forced to look at U....what else does a guy want.

Guys point of view
Most of the heroins in Rajini's movies are HOT and so the guy has a option of looking/staring/ogling at them and when he is bored doing that he can get back to his girl. Its also very economical to take a girl to a movie than take her "on a long drive on the high way"

but if your girl friend is tamilian...caution guys...I have a friend who wanted to learn to whistle because she was going to see Sivaji in a theater.